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Memes: Witty Cultural Discourse for An ELT Blast!!!

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About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Saturday, May 17

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10:00 am (Venezuela time)

Andrés Ramos
B.A., UCV, 1991. Andrés Ramos combines his background as EFL teacher, trainer, coordinator, and director at language centers and schools, as well as materials writer, with his passion for research and shared experiences of Macmillan users, to assist the ELT community through training, consulting and seminars on teaching trends.

What about?
Do photos with catchy phrases, pop culture buzz, and smart lines make you laugh? If so, why not use them in the ELT classroom? Your possible reaction: "Say whaaaat (TF...OMG)?" with a Grumpy Cat face. Before the idea triggers "diabeetus" in you, let me elaborate: Digging further into their apparent frivolousness, we will discover their richness in authentic discourse, depth in meaning, accuracy in use and usage, in other words, what makes them amusing. These virally spreading snippets of cultural commentary are imitated because they encapsulate relevant insights of current events, and their wisdom is rewarded by listeners with a laugh. Besides, they are full of lexical units, alliterations, verse prose, and other linguistic treasures that appeal to the most serious adult's inner brat. How can we help our students benefit from their playful creativity? By matching it with helpful ELT criteria: We can classify memes by level, appropriateness for target student audiences, processes for language acquisition, graded tasks, and strategies from EAP, literary analysis, and related disciplines. Oh, did memes get so serious all of a sudden? Yes! Join this webinar for some reflective, serious, yet creative and brilliant fun at the crossroads of language, culture, and life!

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Masters in Reading and Writing
Valencia, Venezuela

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